LeAnn Rimes Fan to Singer: Maybe Don't Tweet About the Kids So Much!

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LeAnn Rimes. Owner of one of the great voices in modern popular music, and one of the most volatile Twitter accounts in terms of hateful mentions.

Sure, she and Eddie Cibrian wrecked homes together when she was married to Dean Sheremet and he was married (with kids) to Brandi Glanville.

Still, LeAnn and Eddie married in 2011, and stars have moved on from scandals far more salacious. In Rimes' case, though, she fuels the rage.

Constantly. When defending herself from the haters, she riles up the haters. When Tweeting positive things about Eddie's kids, she riles up the haters.

Rimes does not seem to grasph this, even as a fan stated in a respectful way that perhaps she would be more likable if she kept it to herself:

  • @leannrimes I'm not meaning this in a mean way. Do you think a bit of the hate would dwindle, if you were to not mention the kids as much?
  • @VeryPROUDAuntie No! They are my life Eddie and my life revolve around them I will not edit myself because of anyone else's childishness!

Yeah. It's like Tweeting to a wall.

LeAnn is utterly oblivious to the fact that she personally put herself in a very sensitive situation and continues to throw gasoline on the proverbial fire.

If she just kept 70 percent of her thoughts private and didn't blast them on social media, would she be any less of a stepmom and role model?

Obviously not, and Jake and Mason would likely thank her for it one day. She could still share the occasional LeAnn Rimes bikini photo and be fine.

What's wrong with a little discretion re: the children? Nothing, but when you crave the spotlight as badly as she does, self awareness ceases to exist.

Instead of focusing on her family and ignoring critics, we get a LeAnn Rimes reality show and 24/7 stream of thoughts - yet she's not the childish one.

On the plus side for insecure, clueless LeAnn, her nemesis Brandi Glanville sells a lot of books as a result, so her strategy is definitely working.

And by working, we mean not.

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