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Prince Oberyn Martell, you are no Inigo Montoya.

On Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8, the man known as The Viper went all Princess Bride on The Mountain, repeating the same phrase over and over as he went in for his kill.

Unfortunately, Oberyn’s ego exceeded his thirst for revenge, as he believed his prey was down for the count as he continued to taunt The Mountain, delaying the big man’s death until he confessed to killing and raping Oberyn’s sister.

Which The Mountain eventually did. Once he leaped up and literally crushed his foe’s skull into pieces with his hands.

Rhaegal - Game of Thrones

The shocking episode ended with Martell dead and Tywin announcing that Tyrion would be beheaded for murdering King Joffrey.

Is Game of Thrones really about to kill its most popular character? Again?


There wasn’t much to be happy about elsewhere during the hour, either:

  • Arya and The Hound arrived at the former’s aunt’s place, only to learn about Lysa’s death. This actually prompted Arya to burst out in a fit of laughter because… well, how else does one react when one’s relatives just keep dying?
  • Via a telegram sent by Tywin, Dany learned that Jorah had been sent to spy on her. That’s how they came into contact in the first place. Despite Jorah’s pleas of love and claims that he never did anything to hurt her, Dany banished her right-hand man, ordering him out of her sight and out of the town immediately.
  • Sansa lied to the council about Littlefinger’s role in her aunt’s death, siding with her quasi uncle because she realized it was her best chance for survival, her best chance to finally take control of her life. It was likely the right move, but also marks somewhat of a heel turn for the character.
  • The Wildlings attacking Mole’s Town. Gilly was fortunately spared, however as Ygritte found her and the baby hiding out and allowed them to live.

Not exactly the most uplifting hour of television, was it?

Only two installment remain on Game of Thrones Season 4 and it may be time for viewers to stop celebrating the death of Joffrey.

After all, if it leads to Tyrion’s death, will King’s Landing really be better off?