Kit Harington Talks Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale, Reveals MAJOR Spoiler

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The last we saw Kit Harington's Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, he was preparing to head off into the lawless North, without even so much as his sword to protect him.

Given how fiercely the Wildlings fought during the battle at the Wall (they had freakin' giants), it's reasonable to assume that Jon might meet his end in Sunday's season finale. 

But in a recent interview with Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers, Harington revealed that (Spoiler Alert!) he's already filming season 5...which of course leads us to the reasonable conclusion that Jon Snow won't end up in an icy grave this week.

"I go off and start filming season 5 in late July," Harington tells Travers. "And you'll have to see where it all ends up."

C'mon, Kit! You can't just assume everyone read the books. Those things are the size of cinder blocks! know nothing, Jon Snow.

Speaking of Ygritte's famous catchphrase, in the video above, Kit nearly gets misty-eyed while reflecting that he'll never again hear those words from actress Rose Leslie.

Kit has admitted to spreading false spoilers in the past, so it's possible he's just stringing fans along, but he promises the season 4 finale will be worth watching either way.

Addressing the fact that GoT finales are usually devoted to tying up loose ends, Harington offers a majorly enticing teaser for Sunday's episode:

"A bit of a departure from the usual," he says. "It's another big one, as big as nine. Just as important storyline-wise and impact-wise. Usually we wrap up in ten after the big thing in nine. This one doesn't wrap up so much. It just goes all-out for impact again."

We can't wait! Don't be left out of the loop! If you've fallen behind this season, watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to catch up in time for the finale.

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