The Beyoncelogues: Actress Rocks YouTube With Spoken Word Versions of Beyonce Songs

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Currently, Nina Millin is a little-known writer and actress. Millin's relative anonymity may soon be a thing of the past, however, thanks to her brilliant idea to give Beyonce lyrics the theatrical treatment.

Millin's spoken-word take on Queen Bey's most famous songs will give you a new appreciation for just how dramatic Mrs. Carter's ballads can be.

We always knew 'Yonce was not pleased with the guy she's addressing in "Irreplaceable," but hearing Millin indignantly spit out lines like "You just don't know about me!" makes us genuinely worry for the dude's safety.

We hope for his sake those Jay Z cheating rumors aren't true. If they are, it might be time for Hova to hop in the private jet and skip town.

Check out a few of Millin's brilliantly titled Beyoncelogues in the gallery above to see how you don't need Beyonce's voice to move an audience.

Millin spoke with Esquire recently about how her inspired project came to be:

"It all started when I tried to sing Beyonce at karaoke and just couldn't do it," says Millin.

But despite her lack of vocal ability, Millin still wanted to "experience the drama" of expressing herself through Beyonce's words.

So she decided to re-create some of Bey's hits as though she were a jilted wife in a stage drama and the effect was glorious.

So how does Millin feel about her sudden web fame? "I think I misunderstood how beloved Beyonce is," she says. "I think we may be on to something here."


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