Justin Bieber Hops In Bed With Two Models, Posts Crotch Selfie on Instagram

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together, but apparently someone forgot to tell Justin.

The Biebs hung out with models Chantel Jeffries and Catherine Paiz over the weekend and the threesome three friends posted some seriously suggestive selfies.

Justin Bieber With Chantel Jeffries
Justin Bieber Crotch Selfie

On the left, that's Justin lying down with the two women, and knowing what a classy gentleman he is, we're sure he snapped this photo, wished the ladies a pleasant evening, and escorted them home. 

Just kidding, he totally banged both of them.

Normally, the fact that Bieber is sleazing his way into another model's pants wouldn't be news, but given that Justin and Selena started doing cocaine together again just last week, we think it's a little soon for him to be spreading his diseases elsewhere.

You may remember Chantel from when Jeffries drag raced with Bieber, leading to Justin's arrest.

So it's safe to say she doesn't bring out the best in Bieber, but once you see some pics of Chantel in the gallery , you might have an easier time understanding why Justin can't bring himself to say goodbye.

We still have no explanation for the weird crotch's eye-view selfie. That's just JB being a douche.

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