Justin Bieber: Extorted for $1 Million Over Racist Video

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According to a new report, Justin Bieber had the opportunity to prevent his racist joke from ever going public over the weekend.

As long as he forked over $1 million.

Indeed, an insider tells TMZ that reps for the artist were approached two months ago by an attorney for someone who worked on one of Bieber’s video projects.

This dishonest individual found the embarrassing footage (of a 15-year old Bieber dropping the N Word) on Justin's hard drive... stole it... and held it for a $1 million ransom.

But Bieber and his team held strong, turning the offer down.

They maintained this stance even as the lawyer continued to call, eventually asking for only $500,000 a week prior to the tape's release.

Justin's reps said no, telling the man he "wasn't even in the ballpark" and not fearing the video going viral because they didn't think it would cause much damage.

In the end, thanks to a heartfelt apology from Bieber, they were proven correct.

While the video made news for about 72 hours, many African-Americans rushed to Justin's defense and, combined with Bieber's sincere words of regrets, most have already cast this incident off as a mistake made by a young teenager.

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