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Yesterday, photos from the set of Star Wars Episode VII leaked online, and director JJ Abrams is understandably not pleased…but at least he’s maintained his sense of humor.

The director responded to the leak via his production company’s Twitter page yesterday with a hand-written note that includes an in-joke for Star Wars obsessives:

“I wish people would stop leaking photos from Episode VII,” reads the note. “And making ridiculous claims that the Millenium Falcon is in the movie.”

John Boyega in Star Wars

The message sits atop a game board that fans might recognize from the famous R2D2 vs. Chewbacca intergalactic chess match in episode IV. That scene gave us the oft-quoted line, “Let the wookie win!”


Abrams has not yet responded to the leaked video from the Episode VII set that appears to show actress Daisy Ridley receiving some intensive lightsaber training. 

Fans are likely to be disappointed by Abrams’ claim that the Millenium Falcon will not appear in the forthcoming film, but it’s entirely possible the director is just leading us on, and his reference to the first movie in the franchise could be a clever way of acknowledging that the Falcon will be in Episode VII. 

But who knows? Abrams has been insanely secretive about plot details and aside from the Episode VII cast announcement back in April, we’ve received very little in the way of official news about the highly-anticipated blockbuster.