Star Wars Episode VII: First On-Set Photos Revealed!

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Star Wars Episode VII is still over a year away, but now that shooting has commenced, it seems new information about the production is coming out every day.

First, we received video from the set of Episode VII that seemed to show actress Daisy Ridley receiving lightsaber training.

Now we've got a series of photos that show...well, we're not really sure! Check 'em out for yourself:

Okay, so the photos don't tell us a whole lot.

We already knew that the movie is currently being shot in Abu Dhabi, and aside from some futuristic-looking structures and one giant alien pig creature, it kinda just looks like some random desert.

Still, it's exciting just to have confirmation that this thing is really happening and we're less that 18 months away from a new installment in arguably the most beloved movie franchise of all time.

Yesterday came news that Lupita Nyong'o and Gwendoline Christi will appear in Episode VII.

Between that announcement and the rest of the Episode VII cast that was revealed in April, we pretty much know who will play all the major roles in the film (we just don't know what those roles will be).

And now we have photographic evidence that production is underway big-time. Don't tell us it's too soon to get excited.

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