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Jessica Simpson may have lost 65 pounds as a result of her admirable self-discipline, but that doesn’t mean the mother of two has forgotten how to party. 

The Weight Watchers spokeswoman looked more like Messica as she left a Hollywood club last night so hammered she had to be practically carried to her car by fiance Eric Johnson:

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Jessica’s recent weight loss photos show the singer looking better than ever, but all that dieting has apparently wreaked havoc on her tolerance and made her a lightweight in more ways than one.

When Jess attempts a slurred response to the paparazzo’s questions, her entourage ushers her away from the scene, and her driver even delivers an emergency bag of In-N-Out Burger. We should all have such a Drunkenness Response Team!


Of course, if Jess keeps up the habit of boozy benders and late-night fast food binges, she won’t be enjoying that trim figure for long. 

Jessica is set to marry Johnson in less than a month, with the ceremony to take place on July 4th. What a time to fall off the diet wagon!

Hopefully, Jessica will get back into fitness mode soon. We’ve been enjoying the sight of her slimmed-down selfies as much as she’s enjoyed posting them.