50 Cent on Justin Bieber: He's Not a Racist, Just a Baby!

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In the wake of Justin Bieber's racist video leak, a number of African-American celebs have rushed to the pop star's defense.

Rappers Mack Maine and Lil Wayne stood by Bieber in a statement released last week, joining the ranks of Floyd Mayweather and Whoopi Goldberg, who had already expressed their beliefs that despite the ugly slurs he used on camera, Justin is no racist.

50 Cent has now added his name to the list of unlikely Bieber defenders, but Justin may not be thrilled with all of Fiddy's comments on the topic:

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"I don't think he's racist," said 50 in a recent interview. "I don't even think he knows who he is at this point - he's so young. When you see people become stars really early it's tough for them."

Mr. Cent added that Justin is "just a baby" who's stardom has caused him to become "lost."

Reportedly, Bieber has been crying non-stop since the alarming clips went public, and given the content of the videos, it's easy to see why he's so upset. 

50 and Bieber first met in 2012 at a boxing match in Vegas. At that time the rapper described Justin as "a young kid who just wants to chill."

No word on how Bieber feels about being downgraded from "young kid" to "baby."

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