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Jessica Simpson loves posting weight loss selfies these days, and for good reason.

The soon-to-be-remarried mother of two was teased mercilessly for not dropping the pounds within weeks of her first pregnancy a la Beyonce.

After delivering her second child, however, the weight seemed to melt right off Jessica, leaving many to wonder what her secret is.

We all know Simpson is the face (and body) of Weight Watchers, but we’re now learning that there’s more to her slimming down regimen than diet shakes.

Life & Style reports that Jessica walks six miles a day to keep the weight off in the weeks leading up to her July 4 wedding. That’s in addition to her Weight Watchers regimen and frequent sessions with a personal trainer. 

Naturally, her strict, incredibly time-consuming daily routine has Jessica’s loved ones wondering if it’s all too much.

While Jessica’s commitment to slimming down has helped her go from 175 pounds to 110 pounds in the months following the birth of her second child, she may be putting her long term health at risk.

Friends and family are reportedly not only concerned about her well-being, they worry about the tremendous amount of time Jess devotes to working out.

One source close to Simpson reports that she spends “half the day” in her home gym.

We’re guessing a lot of moms with two toddlers running around the house would like to have the luxury of spending half their day working out.