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Donald Sterling really knows how to make friends, doesn’t he?

The former Los Angeles Clippers owner, who yelled at girlfriend V. Stiviano because she hung out in public with African-Americans and then blasted Magic Johnson for having AIDS, was approached yesterday by TMZ.

And it’s safe to say Sterling wasn’t too pleased about being asked a pretty basic question.

Watch his angry reaction now:

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling for life just days after the latter’s audio recording went public.

A couple weeks later, Steve Ballmer paid $2 billion to purchase the Clippers and sort of put an end to the Sterling reign in Los Angeles.

Then again, sources say Sterling plans to sue the league for an obscene amount in damages and he’s unlikely to ever truly go away.

But at least we can all hope he’s never featured on camera ever again.

The Hollywood Gossip
The Hollywood Gossip