Dog Walks 500 Miles to Reunite with Owner: Watch the Reunion!

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Ready to be AWWW-inspired, THGers?

The following video features four natives of Great Britain who walked 500 miles to raise money for a drought-stricken area of Brazil.

Along their way to the World Cup, these gentlemen came across a seemingly stray dog, who ended up joining their massive adventure.

Three days before reaching their final destination, the men were contacted by the dog’s owner, who saw his canine on a local news report. He then hitchhiked 500 miles himself from Uruguay to Porta Alegre, Brazil in order to reunite with his puppy.

And what happened when Man met up with Best Friend again? This...

Is this the cutest thing since a pig cuddled with his dog friends? Maybe.

Or maybe since this baby and this puppy insisted on taking naps together:

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