Game of Thrones' Hodor on Family Feud: Survey Says "Hodor!"

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The Game of Thrones' season 4 finale saw Hodor taking up a sword to smash some skeleton monsters and become a hulking badass of few words.

But while he may have a knack for hauling Bran Stark all over Westeros and facing down terrifying foes (when possessed by Bran), the title of Family Feud champion will always be just out of Hodor's grasp.

Sadly, as the above clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live demonstrates, The Feud requires contestants to say more than one word, which puts Hodor at a disadvantage akin to Tyrion Lannister playing in the NBA. 

While he may not win any points for his team, you've gotta admire the persistence with which Hodor sticks with his best guess.

And you've really gotta give props to actor Kristian Nairn for making the trip to LA and suiting up in his Hodor gear all for a silent 30-second cameo.

We suppose he's got some time on his hands now that another season of Thrones is at an end. Hey, maybe he's available for birthdays! Having one bearded giant jump out and yell "Hodor!" would make for the ultimate surprise party.

Well, that fantasy probably won't hold you over until next season, but you can always watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic and check out what Kristian Nairn looks like out of character in the gallery below:

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