49 People Whose Names Are Hilariously Somehow Real

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When it comes to celebrity parents, we sort of assume that their celebrity baby name choices will suck. Did you expect a normal offering from Kim Kardashian?!

It's sort of a trend among stars to see who can come up with the most bizarre and off the wall moniker for their mini-me just to make the world go "wait... what?"

But we need only look to the real world to find tons of cases that make us say, "there's no way those parents said that name out loud before that person entered the world."

Because there's absolutely no way at all these names were said out loud prior to the moment these people came screaming into the world. Absolutely. No. Way.

Behold 49 totally hilarious, totally real names

We can't believe them either, trust us.

Speaking of those celebrity babies, and in honor of North West's Kidchella first birthday party, here are 17 of the best / worst celebrity baby names!

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