49 Funny Names That Are Totally Real

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Unfortunate names are, well, unfortunate. And hilarious. Here are 49 funny names that are totally real.

1. Kash Register

Kash Register
Please tell us this man did not get arrested for knocking over a convenience store. Or that this is what he stole. Please.

2. Jack Mehoff

Jack Mehoff
This guy totally slipped this name past the newscaster, right? This can't possibly be real?!

3. Anass Rhammer

Anass Rhammer
This guy drives a cab. Maybe don't get into his cab if you want to get where you're going without the delay of a traffic violation.

4. Airwrecka McBride

Airwrecka McBride
1) We hope she's not a pilot. 2) At least her parents didn't name her "Homewrecka."

5. B.J. Worthy

B.J. Worthy
Wonder if putting this on the real estate signs helps the houses sell faster? "Total Must See!"

6. Chubby Cox

Chubby Cox
Well, you know what they say about really tall guys...

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