33 Drunk People Who Are Worse (or Better?) at Being Drunk Than You

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After the weekend's epic World Cup bender, there's a good chance there's more than one hungover person in your office this morning.

Actually, there's probably a good chance that there's more than one hungover person in your office every Monday morning ... but you see our point.

They're probably all praying that no pictures of their tomfoolery show up on the Internet, too, because after all, some people just aren't good at being drunk.

We don't mean they get ornery when they drink. We mean they pass out in the most awkward of places, like the top of a refrigerator (how do you even do that)!

Maybe things like that actually make them good at being drunk? So hard to say. At any rate, these 33 people are worse, or better, at being drunk than you ...

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