Kelly Hyland: Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms Screwed Up My Daughter!

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Kelly Hyland says her arch-nemesis, Dance Moms instructor, Abby Lee Miller terrorized her young daughter to the point where the girl needs serious therapy.

Kelly Hyland, Dance Mom
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Hyland, who's suing Lifetime's producers, made her daughter Paige so nervous during rehearsals that she began suffering panic attacks, and serious ones at that.

To the point of hyperventilation, she says ... and it gets worse.

Hyland says in her lawsuit producers exacerbated the situation, rather than trying to help the girl, by shoving cameras in Paige's face during her anxiety attacks.

Paige, she says, had to go to a psychiatrist due to the trauma.

Kelly Hyland claims Miller also harassed her, calling her an alcoholic, overbearing stage mom and giving her eight bottles of tequila as a passive-aggressive Christmas gift.

The two famously got into it on Dance Moms last season. Watch Abby Lee Miller and Kelly nearly come to blows in the infamous, HEATED clip below:

This incident actually spurred a call to the police and prompted Hyland to sue Miller personally. Yup. When Dance Moms attack, things do not end well.

To see the drama play out in full, follow the link to watch Dance Moms online at TV Fanatic, and then ask yourself: What Would Abby and Kelly Do?

Then do the exact opposite. In life, in general.

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