True Tori Season Finale Recap: Will Dean McDermott Leave Tori Spelling?!

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are still struggling with their marriage and facing an IMPOSSIBLE decision on the season finale of True Tori.

The big issue in the train wreck show's final week: Whether Dean will leave to film Chopped Canada, while Tori will give HIM the chop if he does.

Their friends, Wolf and Jess, come over to casually discuss the big conundrum. Wolf gets upset and starts cursing and crying. Not Dean ... Wolf is crying.

The people next door to the neighbors from hell likely are too.

A few days later, Tori and Dean try to kick the kids out of bed for intimacy. They go on a date. He gets her a ring for their wedding anniversary.

Things are going pretty well by their tumultuous standards.

He throws daughter Stella, 5, a tea party. Hattie, 28 months; Liam, 7; and Stella all sit with daddy Dean. Baby Finn toddles in for some fun, too.

Tori's out with her girlfriends, meanwhile complaining about herbs on fries, the paparazzi attention (ha) and that tattoo on Dean's private parts.

"You know the tattoo he has down there?" Tori tells her pack of friends. "It's above the pubis. It says 'Tori's' ... and then months later he cheats."

Clearly, the irony of that ink has not escaped her.

The next day, Tori and Dean go to Dr. Wexler's office for another therapy session. The progress update is good, but the Chopped issue lingers.

Dean texts his manager about dropping out, and gets bad news.

He tells his far-from-pleased partner that he'd be facing a $5 million lawsuit if he does bail, so he can't. She says he's just using that as an excuse.

"I can't win with you!" he says, baffled. "I'm trying to get out of it without a lawsuit. I thought we had a good plan in place and you were on board."

"I don't know what to do. I don't even know what to say."

One more day until Dean departs? A change of heart.

"I've been thinking," he tells his wife. "I can't go."

Tori tells him, "You have to go. We can't let one huge mistake define us. This is your career, babe. This is what you've worked hard for for years."

Dean responds. "I love you so much."

Dean packs and they head to the airport, with him saying wants to work on himself and show Tori he can be trusted not to bone Emily Goodhand this time.

"Be good," says Tori.

Good luck with that.

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