The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 1 Recap: You Have the Right to Remain HOT!

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After dressing down Juan Pablo Galavis and peacing out of St. Lucia on The Bachelor, beautiful brunette Andi Dorfman is back on ABC and looking for love.

Or just an endless string of reality TV appearances and/or a lucrative career as a celebrity/entertainment lawyer. But ideally, love in addition to that!

The verdict on The Bachelorette's 10th season premiere? Hot.

With 25 handsome, successful men flying in to woo Andi, it's hard to fault her for returning to dole out roses even after she called BS on the whole process this winter.

Follow the link for The Bachelorette spoilers to learn the identities of her final four (and alleged winner!) if you dare. Then come along for our premiere rundown:

The Bachelorette Starring Andi Dorfman

We began with a typically awesome montage of the woman of the hour, followed by the typically awkward introductions of the men to Andi Dorfman.

"I think you have a fever, 'cause you're looking pretty hot," Jason says.

And with that all-time gem we are off and running here in Season 10.

Brett stole a lamp from his hotel room as a gift for Andi, while Cody pushed his stalled limo up the driveway, certainly made sure they would be remembered.

Ditto Emil, who explained the pronunciation of his name during his initial meeting with Andi as "Like 'anal' with an 'm'." One will not forget that intro.

The actual first impression rose, however, went to Nick Viall, who won her over after chatting about his large family, edging Marcus Grodd and Josh Murray.

She described Marcus as "hot" multiple times and apparently Josh is her "type," which certainly bodes well. Or at least better than "anal with an 'm'."

Keep an eye on those three ... just a hunch, people. Just a hunch.

Probably the biggest first impression of the night for the viewers was not a first impression at all. Former Bachelorette contestant Chris Bukowski came back!

After allegedly showing up unannounced, Chris Harrison and the producers were thrown for a loop. Andi Dorfman, however, wasn't conflicted at all.

Despite some emotional begging, Chris was sent home before he even made it inside the mansion, dejected but living to fight to get on TV another day.

Most importantly Monday, the show paid tribute to a fallen contestant. Eric Hill died in a paragliding accident after he was eliminated by Andi this season.

His death rocked The Bachelorette family, and Dorfman has said she was "devastated" upon hearing the news. This season will be dedicated to his memory.

Roses: Josh Murray, Pat Jagodzinski, JJ O’Brien, Eric Hill, Marquel Martin, Tasos Hernandez, Bradley Wisk, Brian Osborne, Dylan Petitt, Marcus Grodd, Brett Melnick, Andrew Poole, Chris Soules, Ron Worrell, Nick Viall, Carl King, Cody Sattler, Nick Sutter and Craig Muhlbauer.

Eliminated: Dr. Jason Leep, Rudie Baldwin, Josh Bauer, Mike Campanelli, Steven Woolworth, and Emil Schaffroth.

But don't worry, Jason, Rudie, Josh B., Mike, Steven and Emil. EEES OKAY! You can always watch The Bachelorette online and make fun of it now!

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