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Former lovers Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are on opposite paths these days.

The latter just got back from Cannes, where he allegedly slept with many models

Conversely, Gomez recently returned from a charity-based trip to Nepal, where she went as on behalf of UNICEF to raise awareness for those in need.

In the following images, we see the 21-year-old playing and laughing with the kids at the Satbariya Rapti Secondary School. Check out the inspiring pictures now:

“This visit to Nepal was extraordinarily powerful – at times, devastating and heartbreaking, but also incredibly inspiring,” Gomez wrote online, adding:

“At first when you witness children living in extreme poverty, you wonder how it is possible that they can be deprived of their basic human needs and rights. Then you talk to these children, and you see hope, promise and a bright future.”

Gomez posted a bikini photo to Instagram earlier this month and said she is “taking my power back.”

We presume this was a reference to Bieber, but Selena may also have been inspired by her visit with these kids in Nepal.

“This generation of children believes they can make a difference, and they take action,” Selena said. “It starts with quality education and leadership opportunities, like those UNICEF is providing.”

“I’m so proud to serve as a UNICEF Ambassador and be part of a greater movement to help the world’s children.”

Gomez plans to become a born-again virgin, saving her flower for whomever she eventually marries.

And it’s clear that person will be a very lucky man.