Selena Gomez: No Makeup in Nepal!

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Selena Gomez looks amazing with or without makeup. There's no arguing this, but she recently gave us another example of the latter in Nepal. Check it out!

Selena Gomez in Nepal

An airport worker in Nepal posed for this photo with Selena, which was posted on Twitter last week. To the surprise of no one, she looks stunningly, naturally pretty.

Our girl has been trying to get her priorities straight, and we don't mean wearing less makeup, staying sober or getting away from a certain guy.

She's meeting with the children of Nepal on behalf of UNICEF.

Selena gave instruments to school children in Dang, Nepal, and also went to a child care center. As she gives back, she's also working on herself.

“I am in Nepal to escape from the American media. I wanted mental peace,” she told a local reporter, leading to the obligatory love life questions.

She swears she is not trying to get Justin Bieber back, nor will she ever. At least right now, she claims that chapter of her life is closed for good.

Asked by an Instagram follower if she was bothered by his mission to bed hot girls, the star replied simply, "Awww. You think I care. He'd rather models."

That he would. And she seems surprisingly okay with this.

His loss, her gain as we see it. And ours. Guy is just bad news, and Selena will probably share more sexy bikini pics than ever now that she's single.

In all seriousness, it's great that she's focused on the children and her charity trip, rather than blowouts, blush and bulls--t surrounding that douche.

To quote Selena Gomez herself, who quoted the Dalai Lama himself on Instagram last week, “Open your arms to change, but do not let go of your values.”

Words to live by. Namaste.

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