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New information has come to light regarding Rob Kardashian not attending the Kimye wedding.

As anyone with an Internet connection knows by now, the brother of the bride did NOT see Kim Kardashian exchange vows with Kanye West last Saturday, departing Florence for Los Angeles the morning of her wedding.

Previous reports had indicated that Rob felt uncomfortable with his body, refused to pose for family photos and an argument ensued.

Rob Kardashian Seeks Help from Lamar Odom

But Radar Online alleges that a lot more went into it than that.


An insider tells the site that Rob and Kim have been on terrible terms for months because latter believes her sibling is “bringing down the family name because of his physical appearance.”

After arriving in Paris last week, the Kardashians supposedly got into a fight because Kim wanted a depressed Rob to get out and see some sights, an offer he declined.

"This made [Kim] extremely angry, and they exchanged words," Radar writes. "During the course of the argument, Rob was accused by Kim of leaking negative stories about her to the press. That was the final straw for Rob because that is something he would never do."

We’re not sure to which negative stories this is a reference… but it at least makes more sense that such a major allegation would cause Rob to bolt.

It seems incomprehensible that the star’s weight gain alone would be cause for strife, considering every family member had been familiar with it for weeks leading up the wedding.

This same source confirms an earlier claim that Rob thought Kim’s third marriage was ridiculously “over the top” as well.

"He’s looking sad and depressed big time right now,” a friend of Rob’s says. “He’s not exactly the famous one in his family and he sort of feels like he’s nobody except the Kardashian name."

As a result, Rob has reached out to Lamar Odom for some friendly words of encouragement.

He’s also taking Xanax and drinking "heavily," Radar reports.

"The last thing Rob should be worried right now is about his weight," the source concludes. "It’s just a symptom of his problems. He is clearly struggling and needs the support and love of his family. Judging him, making snarky comments about his weight, and so called lack of ambition isn’t helping."