Rob Kardashian Weight Gain to Blame for Kimye Wedding Departure?

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All did not go entirely smoothly at Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West this weekend.

Yes, those Kim Kardashian wedding photos make it look like all guests had a blast; and Lana Del Ray sang at the rehearsal dinner. That sounds like fun.

But Rob Kardashian actually bailed on the ceremony, flying back to Los Angeles on Friday night after a major blowup with his family.

What would cause a brother to miss his sister's nuptials? Especially when he's already flown across the ocean for them?!?

According to TMZ sources, it all goes back to Rob's massive weight gain.

Ashamed and insecure over his body, Rob refused to pose for any pictures with the bride or groom.

His relatives were reportedly supportive and encouraging - and you'd think this is something they all would have discussed ahead of time - but it made no difference.

The more his fellow Kardashians insisted he join them for photos, the angrier Rob got... to the point where he left for the airport in tears and hopped in a last-second flight home.

Rob Tweeted about "being fat" last week, asking Internet users to give him a break over his ballooning figure.

He's working with a personal trailer, who allegedly accompanied Rob to Europe for the Kimye wedding, but this is clearly a VERY big deal to the reality star. No pun intended. Just sympathy.

Will Kim and company acknowledge Rob's departure? If not, it's gonna be awkward when they release family wedding photos from the ceremony and reception. Stay tuned, folks.

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