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“Pretty on the Outside” artist David Gilmore, whose fun-spirited caricatures of celebrities are always amazing, has done it again with Farrah Abraham’s cry face.

Ever since her first breakdown on 16 & Pregnant, Farrah Abraham crying has become a staple of TV, be it on Teen Mom, Couples Therapy or interviews.

With five years of Farrah Abraham crying moments commemorated on the small screen, Gilmore had plenty of inspiration to draw from. And he came through:

Farrah Abraham Brings Ill Tidings

“I wasn’t familiar with Farrah’s cry face,” he wrote to Starcasm, who first published these great works, “but I quickly Googled it and it’s everything!”

“I went a little overboard,” he revealed of this memorable project. “Instead of doing it as a pen drawing, I did it as a pen drawing with ink washes.”

These would make awesome t-shirts if David ever sold them.

Farrah may not understand Memorial Day, or what the definition of a porn star is, but the celebrity gossip all-star can turn on the waterworks like it’s her job.

Which we suppose it is. See our Farrah crying gallery below!