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Rihanna broke up with Drake yesterday and she’s clearly already enjoying life as a single lady. 

RiRi sat courtside at last night’s Clippers-Thunder game where she knocked back drinks and showed off her nipple ring while going braless in a tight white tank top.

No word on how Donald Sterling felt about a black woman he’s not banging attending a Clippers game (Sterling’s banned from the NBA so maybe he’s stopped caring what races line his pockets), but we think we know of at least one guy who probably changed channels at the site of the songstress: 

Rihanna and Drake went to Clippers games together when they were dating, so you know he got all emotional seeing his ex on TV last night. First his beloved Raptors get ousted, now this! NBA, you so cold. 

We can only imagine what sort of auto-tuned ballad Drizzy recorded in his home studio last night, but we’d imagine it’s full of heartbreak/basketball metaphors and has a title like “Play-Off Words” (a play on “play on words”).

Fortunately for Drake, but unfortunately for us, the Clippers lost to the Thunder and were thus eliminated from the play-offs, meaning no more barely dressed Rihanna pretending to watch the game. 

Jump into the gallery above for your last glimpse of post-season RiRi.