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Rihanna and Drake haven’t officially confirmed that they’re in a relationship, but that hasn’t stopped them from engaging in some very public displays of affection. 

RiRi and Drizzy attended an LA Clippers game at the Staples Center last night and weren’t shy about getting close with one another. 

Despite the fact that the two stars were very hands-on during their time together, they each ended up sitting with friends in different sections of the arena. 

Stranger still, the songstress opted to call it an early night and headed home after the game, while Drake reportedly went clubbing with his entourage. 

Does this mean Drake is lacking in the “game” department? Or is RIhanna too upset about fact that Chris Brown is in jail to get involved with another dude?

Maybe we’ve all just jumped the gun on labeling this thing a relationship. Maybe Drake and Rihanna want to stealthily knock boots without the whole world asking when they’re gonna get married.

If that’s the case they should probably groping each other at NBA games. Just sayin’.

What do you think? Are Drake and Rihanna dating or just friends?