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After five seasons of playing Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev is ready for a change. No, we don’t mean she marched into the writers’ room and begged for that ending on the season 5 finale.

Instead, she did what all reasonable and intelligent and unattached girls do when they need a fresh start : she changed her hair. (Yes, Nian fans, Nina Dobrev insists she’s single.)

Nina Dobrev’s ombre look is one of the more dramatic we’ve seen recently… and it is smoking hot!

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley Promo Pic

It’s also for a movie.

Dobrev tells InStyle that she’s shooting a film titled “The Final Girls” and dyed her hair for the role.

“It’s fun,” she tells the magazine. “Once you change something about yourself, you just feel a little more excited.”

She adds that altering her look helps immensely when trying to get into the mindset of a new character.


Over five seasons on The CW, the only noticeable change to Dobrev’s hair was a hot pink highlight Elena picked up on a road trip to New York City with Damon Salvatore. 

That is, until now.

Will Nina Dobrev rock the ombre during The Vampire Diaries Season 6, perhaps as a change Elena makes in the wake of Damon’s death? Or will she return to her solid brunette locks when the series resumes filming?

We don’t know, so we’ll love this look for as long as it lasts. Nina joins the ranks of these celebrities who also love their ombre looks: