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Rumors that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are back together started circulating last week, but according to a recent interview, Nina is 100% on the market.

Nina Dobrev: SINGLE!

Talking about the upsides of fame, Nina cited the fact that she has her pick of men as a definite plus. "I’m single, so that’s a perk," said the Vampire Diaries star.

Nina didn’t go into detail about how much she’s taking advantage of the single life, but she did say that she’s being careful to steer clear of "toxic people" and is spending her evenings hanging out in "dive bars instead of night clubs."

Careful, Nina. You can meet just as many toxic people in dive bars as in night clubs. Sure, the drinks are cheaper, but now that you’re single you should never be picking up your own tab, anyway.

Nina was spotted kissing Liam Hemsworth during one of her many breaks from Somerhalder back in February, but it seems no serious relationship developed between Dobrev and Miley’s ex.


We’re surprised Nina has the time to do any dating at all with the number of projects she has lined up.

In addition to her CW series, the actress has two films slated for release within the next year.

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