Miley Cyrus: Jennifer Lawrence Never Puked In Front of Me!

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Jennifer Lawrence claims she vomited in front of Miley Cyrus at an after-party following the 2014 Oscars, and of course everyone believes her.

After all, why would somebody make that up? Being told to "get it together" by the Queen of Twerk is not exactly the sort of moment you brag about (unless you're J-Law, apparently):

But according to a tweet that Miley quickly deleted late last night, the whole incident is a figment of Jen's imagination.

A fan mentioned Miley in a tweet about Lawrence's alleged vomit drama and Miley replied simply, "That never happened."

Moments later, Cyrus apparently thought better of calling out America's Sweetheart as a liar and she promptly deleted the tweet.

Of course, Jen says she was so wasted she was barfing in the bushes at the time, so it's possible she simply misremembered the incident.

Then again, this could all be a part of her carefully crafted "I'm a gorgeous 23-year-old Oscar-winning millionaire, but I'm also a clumsy goofball, just like you guys" public image.

When Lawrence tripped and fell on the Oscars red carpet for the second year in a row, many cried foul, believing that the actress was faking an inability to walk in heels in order to appear endearingly average to fans. 

If that's the case, we'll tip our hats to Jen for what could be a genius PR move. The movie-going public likes stars with whom they can identify, and as a smart, sexy mega-over-achiever, it's gotta be hard for Jen to remain relatable.

If she has to take a tumble or make up the occasional booze-fail story to fend off the haters, we say go for it.

But next time, Jen, maybe run your story by Miley first.

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