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Maya Angelou passed away this week at the age of 86.

The iconic poet and author was one of the few truly impactful individuals in her field, touching the lives of everyone who read her moving works.

"With a kind word and a strong embrace, she had the ability to remind us that we are all God’s children; that we all have something to offer,” President Obama said upon learning the news.

What did other stars have to say about the death of Maya Angelou? We’ve collected a sampling of their mourning words below…

Bill Clinton: With Maya Angelou’s passing, America has lost a national treasure; and Hillary and I, a beloved friend. The poems and stories she wrote and read to us in her commanding voice were gifts of wisdom and wit, courage and grace.

Alyssa Milano: Rest with the angels, Maya Angelou.

Kris Jenner: The world has lost a truly remarkable activist, educator and an inspiration to all.


Katie Couric: So saddened by the death of the beautiful @DrMayaAngelou.

Lena Dunham: Thank you, Maya, for your power, your politics, your poetry. We need you more than ever. Rest in peace.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: #RIPMayaAngelou You were a hero and an inspiration. I will never forget how you made me feel.

Marlee Matlin: Her words, poetry and stories were so stirring. And her activism was inspiring. Sad to read about the passing of Maya Angelou. RIP.

Russell Simmons: RIP to one of the greatest women this world has ever known.  Thank you Maya Angelou for all of the gifts and knowledge you gave us…

JK Rowling: "If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be." Maya Angelou – who was utterly amazing.

Rihanna: Thank You #MayaAngelou  :’) 

Kate Walsh: Kate Walsh: Sweet Maya Angelou, rest in peace, amazing woman. What a light.