Lindsay Lohan Playboy Pics "Tasteful," Mom Promises

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Between community service at the L.A. County Morgue, appearing in court for the 12,780th time, being sentenced to 30 days in jail and posing nude for Playboy, Lindsay Lohan had a very busy week, but at the end of it, mom Dina was proud.

Above all, she says, the naked Playboy spread will be "tasteful."

Not sure what that means, but Jayde Nicole won't be happy.

Polka Dot Princess

"It was an opportunity for her. She's 25 years old now, so it was her ultimate decision," Dina Lohan explained of the Playboy offer. "It will be tastefully done."

Lindsay returned to the famed Playboy mansion in L.A. for a day of re-shoots - her first Playboy pics were not up to par - following her Tuesday court hearing.

Asked about LiLo's ongoing legal woes, Dina said, "It's been four years of torture, we just want it over." Too bad Lindsay won't STFU and stay out of trouble.

Fortunately, there are brighter, nuder days ahead for the famous family.

"I've seen [the photos]. She's great in front of the camera," she added.

Are you excited too see Lindsay Lohan nude in Playboy?

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