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Lily Allen got naked for Instagram just last month, but nothing could have prepared us for the video that the singer/exhibitionist posted online last night. 

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Captioned only "Cool mum #drakespanxdance" the video above features…well, Lily dancing to Drake while wearing Spanx. 

No arguing with that part. However, we’re guessing if they were old enough to form sentences, her two kids might consider the "cool mum" part open to debate. 

For the record, Lily turned down a role on Game of Thrones because the part was too creepy. So it’s a little ironic that she then went on to make a video that will make us cringe every time we hear Drake for the rest of our lives. 


FYI, Lily: when dude talks about starting from the bottom we’re pretty sure he doesn’t mean while getting dressed.

We appreciate that you were so moved by the music you couldn’t even finish putting your clothes on before you started rocking out, but maybe next time slip into something a little sexier than a pair of Spanx if you’re planning to make a video, okay?

Or at least post a disclaimer along the lines of, "Warining: the video you are about to see reveals more than you’d like to know about how pop stars manage to look so toned a few months after giving birth."

You’re like a magician giving away secrets. You’re just giving Beyonce even more reason to be upset with you:

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