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Perhaps celebrities should just stop letting the world know they’ve visited global landmarks.

First, Justin Bieber wondered if Anne Frank would be a Belieber.

Then, Beyonce offended some by posing in the same Amsterdam location.

Now, Justin Timberlake is stirring up controversy via an Instagram picture of himself at the Western Wall, specifically his reference to “Israel” in the accompanying caption.

“The Holy Land… What an experience. I will never forget this day. #Israel,” JT penned on Instagram, with many users taking exception to the hashtag.


“Correction : you are in Palestine not israel #disapointed,” wrote one (bad spelling) follower, while another adds:

“Dude stfu sh*t like this makes me wanna change the song when your music comes on.”

Issues don’t get much more sensitive than the Palestine-Israel conflict, so we’re gonna leave this one alone and turn it over to our readers:

What do you think of Justin Timberlake saying the Western Wall is in Israel?