Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant With Baby Girl?!

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Rumors that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant have been circulating steadily since the actress was still married to Brad Pitt, but this time there's photographic proof! Well, maybe...

That's Jen on the set of her upcoming movie Cake, and some have speculated that she's rockin' a slight baby bump in these pics.

We already know that Jen is so deeply immersed in her role in this film that she's completely oblivious to the paparazzi lurking around the studio lot:

The Jennifer Aniston no makeup photos from last month emerged from the same set, so it stands to reason that if she were to let her guard down and make an accidental pregnancy announcement the Cake set would be the place.

Or maybe Jen just packed on a few pounds for the role.

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Photo?
Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump Photo?

Anonymous insiders close to Aniston and Justin Theroux have supposedly confirmed that Jen is in fact pregnant and that she's carrying a girl.

No word on whether or not these are the same sources that claimed Jen was knocked up the previous 15 times. 

Based on these photos, it seems it would be a bit early in the pregnancy to know the sex already, but when it comes to the possibility of a Jennifer Aniston pregnancy, no speculation is too wild!

Tell us what you think! Does Jen look pregnant?

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