Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant and Alone AGAIN!

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Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant and alone so many times at this point, it's almost like her job. Woman is just prolific and getting knocked up and abandoned.

The latest report to that effect has her being left by fiance Justin Theroux, who supposedly "stormed off to NYC" without her. Kind of a drag right there.

The report alleges that Justin has called off the duo's wedding while he goes to the East Coast for work reasons, while Jennifer stays back in Los Angeles.

Heartbroken, naturally ... and WITH CHILD.

Gossip is gossip, but it's amazing how this same story can be rehashed literally dozens of times, over a matter of years, and that anyone even reads OK!

Jennifer’s pregnant, Jennifer’s alone, Jennifer’s abandoned, etc. It just never stops! That said, she and Justin have put off their wedding at least once.

When you do that, people will talk. But it doesn’t mean that they’re going to break up, and it’s not as if he's going to NYC to party and bang hookers.

He’s filming an HBO series on location there. As an actor, this is how it works. What Jen's reasons are for staying in L.A., or for how long she will?

We have no idea, but the "pregnant and alone" bit has grown so tired. At least the Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams story on the cover is a fresh one!

Seriously. Fingers crossed for McGosling.

Just a few past Jen tabloid classics ...

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