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Jason Biggs, apparently a fan of The Bachelorette, or at least making tasteless jokes about The Bachelorette, may have crossed the line with this one.

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Last night, he mocked The Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill, who tragically died in a paragliding accident after his elimination, but prior to the premiere.

The American Pie actor first wrote, “Crazy rule change: instead of voting off the contestants, this season #TheBachelorette gets to kill them off.”

Biggs followed that up with, “And 19 of them are still alive. #TooSoon.”

While he’s clearly just trying to be funny, it’s unclear why he would choose that subject to mock, given all the material The Bachelorette offers us each year.

It’s also not the first time Biggs has gone down this strange road.


In the past, he’s made fun of a contestant who has special needs family members, and suggested Juan Pablo Galavis asked a woman on the show to “get rapey.”

#TooSoon? We would say #Obviously … but whatever.

As for the 19 men still in the running, The Bachelorette spoilers shed some light on who makes it to the final four and beyond, if you’re into ruining the outcome: