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When The Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill died in a tragic paragliding accident last month, the big question became how the show would handle the tragedy.

We can say without giving away any of The Bachelorette spoilers this season that Hill didn’t win the show, though he did appear in several episodes.

His death after courting Andi Dorfman on the ABC reality series left host Chris Harrison and company with so many questions, and no good answers.

Leaving in his scenes on the show, which can be ridiculous at times, might strike some as insensitive if he’s, say, wooing Andi in the hot tub shirtless.

But editing him out would alter what really happened and might also seem insensitive to Eric Hill. How would his family feel about either option?

What resulted was the show making a decent effort to handle the matter in a tasteful way, even dedicating the 10th season to the memory of Hill.


“Throughout the years, hundreds of men and women have come on this show in search of love, and become a part of what we consider The Bachelor family,” Harrison said.

“At this time we’d like to take a moment to honor one of these men … our friend Eric Hill. Eric passed away shortly after concluding his filming on this show.”

“In the coming weeks, you’ll see that Eric was a vibrant man,” Harrison continued. “Every day, he impressed us with his passion and courageous spirit.”

“He will be greatly missed. And we dedicate this season to him.”

That was it. Very nice, but still a struggle to watch him go through the motions of this show when you know that his life has ended in a devastating way.

We first saw Hill looking dapper in a suit as he stepped out of the limo on the first night, where each of the 25 contestants meet the woman of the hour.

Hill was second to last, when he approached the gorgeous Andi Dorfman who was smiling wide and wearing a super glittery dress on the season premiere.

After the two exchanged hellos, he showed her two small dolls.

“You’re probably wondering what these are,” he said, and explained that he travels a lot for work. “The first country that I ever went to outside of this continent was Peru.”

“In the Andes Mountains, a little girl gave these to me and told me to give them to my girlfriend. But I didn’t have one at the time. Maybe this is jumping the gun, but these are for you.”

“Aww, thank you!” she exclaimed. “What’s your name?” Eric Hill looked startled as he introduced himself, embarrassed he forgot to share that fact.

“I’m Andi,” she said. “I do know that,” he joked. As Hill walked inside, Dorfman looked at the dolls she had been presented with again. “So sweet.”

In the middle of the episode, Andi made her rounds at the cocktail party, and Hill was one of the few guys who got some coveted one-on-one time.

He told her about his Global Odyssey project, in which he was filming a documentary about his quest to visit every country in the world. Pretty amazing.

As he talked about how much he loves dangerous, adventurous activities, the whole thing become eerie, given that he died in a paragliding accident.

Hill landed a rose at the end of the episode, as we knew he would, having shared those charming moments with a woman with whom he obviously had chemistry.


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