15 Parents Who Need to Get the EFF Off Facebook

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Can you even believe they said that?! Sadly, we can at this point. We easily can. Here are 15 parents who need to get the eff off Facebook!

1. Little Booger

Little Booger
Newsflash, folks! NO1CURR about your kid's boogers. Nope. They don't.

2. Don't Be This Dad

Don't Be This Dad
Don't be this dad. Ever. At all. Not even if you ARE a dude.

3. Damn Enter Key!

Damn Enter Key!
This parent seems to have forgotten that the enter key starts a new comment and decided to share the play by play of the day in a 6-comment thread.

4. Daylight Savings Complainers

Daylight Savings Complainers
Complaining about Daylight Savings Time and all your lost sleep might make you feel better. Or it'll make you friendless.

5. Game of Poop

Game of Poop
What do you get when you combine a love of oversharing with a love of Game of Thrones? This parent. That's what.

6. Humblebraggers

Oh, the humblebragger. She wants everyone to know that her son is smarter than your son but (not so) cleverly disguises her sharing.

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