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Ariana Grande performed her hit "Problem" on the final Dancing With the Stars results show of the season last night, but Iggy Azalea was strangely absent.

Even though she was in the building and performed earlier. WTH?

Ariana Grande - Dancing with the Stars Season 18 Finale Performance

Iggy took the stage before Ariana to perform her hit song “Fancy”, but she was having technical difficulties, as she made clear in an awkward first few seconds.

Both Azalea and Charli XCX did bring it home in the end, but during Ariana Grande‘s performance, Iggy and her guest verse were mysteriously absent.

Could she have been unable to perform due to the technical issues? Are they feuding? Was she not slated to perform with Ariana last night from the start?

That seems hard to believe, as the trio just performed together at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, and "Problem" is may be the hottest song of the year.

Iggy Azalea - Dancing with the Stars Season 18 Finale Performance

Some have speculated that the Iggy Azalea racist tweets that surfaced this week may have played a role, but in that case, why not scrap her altogether?

In any case, Ariana Grande has the vocal chops to hold her own, not to mention striking, natural good looks accentuated by her retro fashion choices.

Ariana has been hustling like a madwoman to promote her hit song since its release a few weeks ago, and it’s been paying off in spades for the singer.

“Problem” debuted at #1 on the Hot 100 and broke an iTunes record by being the fastest-selling single in history, nabbing the top spot in 40 minutes.