Andre Johnson: I Cut Off My Penis Because ...

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Rapper Andre Johnson, a.k.a. Christ Bearer, is opening up about why he cut off his penis and jumped out of a two-story apartment window last month.

Let's be honest: Few had even heard of the Wu-Tang affiliated rapper before Andre Johnson cut off his own penis. He certainly doesn't lack for notoriety now.

Until today, however, he hadn't discussed the incident personally. The Killa Beez and Northstar member says it boiled down to depression. But over what?

Not being able to see his daughters is what drove him to commit the act, Christ Bearer tells TMZ, saying he was isolated, alone and deeply saddened.

With two daughters and a third child on the way, and unable to see any of them due to restraining orders, he had reached an emotional low point.

Johnson began smoke weed and read a book about monks and vasectomies, and feeling as if his world was collapsing, took matters into his own hands.

Probably not the best problem-solving approach, in retrospect.

Get this though: Despite previous news reports that doctors could not reattach his penis after his insane self-vasectomy, Andre says it WAS put back on!

Plastic surgeons reattached his manhood, he says, and it even works. Pretty incredible if that's true, although he says having more kids is uncertain.

That may not be the worst thing under these circumstances.

As for his future in rap, and whether he is or is not affiliated with Wu-Tang, Johnson told the celebrity news site simply that "I am the f--king Wu Tang."

RZA might tell a different story ... but it's probably best not to argue semantics with Andre after what he's been through over the past couple of weeks.