Wu-Tang Clan: Andre Johnson Not Affiliated With Hip Hop Group, Rep Says

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A representative for the Wu-Tang Clan released an official statement clarifying Andre Johnson's reported affiliation with the legendary hip hop group.

Andre Johnson cut off his penis before jumping from an L.A. apartment building in a suicide attempt last week, and has been tied to Wu-Tang in the media.

Clearly, the group is trying to carefully distance itself from him.

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"I feel terrible for what happened to Andre Johnson," Wu-Tang publicist Heathcliff Berry said. "I hope he finds peace and gets the help that he needs."

"I feel terribly for his family, but he is not in Wu-Tang Clan."

"He is in his own group," Berry continues of Johnson, who performed with Northstar and has also been identified by the stage name Christ Bearer.

Northstar was briefly signed to Wu-Tang Productions.

"RZA worked with them, as he does with countless other artists, years ago," the rep says. "[Northstar] was only loosely affiliated with Wu-Tang 10 years ago."

"[Johnson] was not a member of Wu-Tang Clan."

The injured rapper is somehow in stable condition at Cedars-Sinai hospital in L.A. Doctors were unable to reattach his severed member, reports indicate.

"I didn't know who he (or the group) was before this happened," Berry continues, a lot more diplomatically than the group's first comment on the incident.

A blog post, that read "Parental Advisory: Don't Believe the HYPE. This Motherf--ker Ain't Got S--t to do with The WUTANG Brand," was posted Thursday.

It has since been deleted from the Wu-Tang Clan's website - we can't imagine why - and replaced by straightforward news reports regarding Johnson.

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