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Safe to say Apollo Nida shouldn’t compare himself to T.I. if he’s at all smart, because the rapper and one of his associates just tore him a new one.

The background: Nida, who’s married to The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft earlier this week.

In addition to Apollo Nida pleading guilty, he agreed – likely in exchange for sentencing leniency – to become a federal informant and help nail other crooks.

Apollo is a snitch, in other words. A rat.

T.I. Rips Apollo Nida

Where does T.I. fit in? Because when the terms of Apollo’s plea deal were published, Nida Tweeted that T.I. and Michael Vick signed similar "snitching" deals.

Let’s just say T.I. took issue with that.

He and his boy Killer Mike (you don’t want to mess with a guy named Killer Mike, just saying) caught up with Nida in a parking lot Friday to discuss it.


No one came to blows, but parts of the conversation were recorded and it was made abundantly clear to Apollo that he best not speak of T.I. ever again.

T.I. told Nida that their cases were not similar (he’s correct, the rapper’s plea deal on gun charges does not include any informant activity) and to shut his yap.

Nida deleted the tweet. Smart move, to put it mildly.

The prison sentence he’s likely looking at may end up looking like a walk in the park compared to what might occur if he accuses T.I. of being a rat again.

We’re lucky we didn’t have a fight on our hands …