15 Things to Cut Out of Your Life ASAP to Become a Happier Person (#11 Especially)

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Happiness is... chocolate, coffee, wine, celebrity gossip (kidding ... sort of ...), Ian Somerhalder, cat pictures, and the beach. What can I say? I'm easy to please.

But there's a lot of unhappiness out there in the world, probably spurned on by the dumb questions people ask online (and in real life). So we're here to do a little public service:

We're giving you our secrets to happiness (or, in a sense, not being happy).

It's a simple list, really, one the likes of which even the smallest minds can comprehend. Some of our favorite celebrities are already working their way through these steps while others lag behind.

We're confident they - and you - can catch up and right the ship in no time at all Here are 15 things to rid from your life ASAP in order to be happier:

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