15 Things to Cut Out of Your Life NOW

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Want to be happier? Live a more fulfilling life? Here are 15 things to cut out of your life ASAP to get you there.

1. Toxic Friendships

Toxic Friendships
Ditch the toxic friendships! They'll only bring you down.

2. Time

Time is moving on by. Don't let it hold you back.

3. The Past

The Past
Let it go...let it go...can't hold you back anymore!!! Make like Elsa and let go of the past!

4. Bad Television

Bad Television
Yep. If you want to be happier, ditch the bad television. It's time you can never get back.

5. Drugs

Take if from Lindsay Lohan, drugs won't make you happier.

6. Your Parents' Money

Your Parents' Money
The secret to happiness is making your own money. By doing something other than being a celebutante.

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