15 Actors Who Are Surprisingly Good Singers: You Won't Believe Who Can Belt It Out!

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We know many musicians who have made the move from the radio to the screen. Some have been successful and some have been Britney Spears.

(Don't pretend that watching Crossroads isn't on your list of regrets.)

But there are more than a few actors out there who possess vocal talents greater than or equal to their ability to bring characters to life via carefully scripted screenplays. 

Here are 15 actors who are surprisingly good singers ...

You might not know it by looking at them, but these actors have often parlayed their singing talents into acting gigs. In some cases, they've abandoned the acting world altogether for music.

And then there's Kristen Bell.

Bell showed considerable talent during her turn as Anna in Frozen and took to the stage to perform all THREE ages of Anna in front of a live audience. 

Watch now and be amazed.

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