Paul McCartney Hospitalized, Cancels Tour Dates

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Rock legend and former Beatle Paul McCartney has been hospitalized due to an unspecified illness, forcing him to call off several tour dates for the time being.

Upcoming concerts in Japan and Seoul will be likely be re-scheduled, said a spokesman for McCartney who added that "doctors have ordered Paul complete rest."

Following an earlier illness, McCartney was originally scheduled to begin touring again at the end of May, but his rep says, "Paul is still not feeling better and this cancelation is unavoidable."

At 71, Paul continues to perform and record new music almost constantly and some believe the singer's hectic schedule has finally caught up with him.

Recently, McCartney reunited with Ringo Starr at the 2014 Grammy Awards for a tribute to  the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' landmark performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. 

McCartney's mysterious illness and postponed tour dates have drawn comparisons to Miley Cyrus' hospitalization last month.

Surprisingly, it's not the only time Miley and the Walrus have been mentioned in the same breath.

McCartney defended Miley against critics last year and Miley butchered performed the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" for this year's Billboard Music Awards.

You can watch that unfortunate decision below:

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