13 Disney Princesses RANKED: Who's #1?!

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They've inspired the fantasies of little girls everywhere, and we're not talking about the hit songs of Justin Bieber! Oh no, we're talking princesses!

Disney princesses, to be exact! But which iconic heroine is the best?

To answer that very question, we've ranked 13 of the our favorite Disney princesses in order below. Take a scroll through this gallery and see if you agree ...

While Anna and Elsa from Frozen are the current favorites for little girls everywhere (and boys, moms and probably dads, too) we've given top billing to another princess. 

You could call her the OG of princesses. 

Rankings aside, something about this list just makes us feel like singing. Preferably with animal companions. Do YOU want to build a snowman?

Anyway, good stuff all around, are we right? We thought so Take a look at some celebrities who look like perfect Disney princesses while you're here ...

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