The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 3 Recap: Happy Thanksgiving!

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It's always sort of odd when reality TV show seasons are out of sync with real life, but that's what's happening on The Real Housewives of Orange County!

It's Thanksgiving, Vicki Gunvalson!

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 3 picked up right where the previous week left off: that really, really awkward dinner party at Shannon and David's that got even more awkward as the meal courses progressed.

Somewhere between the courses, Shannon got a wee bit intoxicated, which seems to be her thing. David, who has a "dry sense of humor," cracked very unfunny to Shannon jokes and Shannon decided to snap at her husband in front of their guests in the middle of dinner.

And then there was that whole thing with Heather and Vicki and Tamra and the blonde BFFs ganging up on the brunette in the room to prevent her from talking. Heather wasn't pleased. Her poker face is that bad.

Oh yes, 'twas an awkward dinner indeed.

But most of that was fixed with a little friendly game of basketball in their basement half-court. Heather wouldn't participate and when asked what would get her down there, Terry responded "jewels."

All the points to Terry for knowing his woman.

Upstairs, Tamra and Shannon decided to do shots and take "smart party pills," herbal supplements that are supposed to cure hangovers from Shannon's beloved Dr. Moon. Tamra hopped up on Shannon's kitchen counter and laid down and then declared the pills "morning after" pills, attempting to joke about her desire to have a baby with Eddie.

Then Tamra started talking loudly about Heather and how Heather has a stick up her ass and Heather overheard. Then Heather told Eddie about Tamra's baby-breakdown and Eddie was quite displeased with his wife. He doesn't want her talking to her friends about their marriage, but they're on a reality TV show. Is he pulling a Juan Pablo Galavis here?

Vicki decides to talk to Briana about Brooks and that goes over quite like we've all come to expect. Vicki goes crazy and Briana just holds her ground. It almost seems impossible that Briana is half-Vicki in moments like this.

With Heather and Terry out of town for Thanksgiving, Vicki hosts Tamra and Eddie and Shannon and David for a "Fakes-giving" dinner. She bosses the other two women around in the kitchen and then starts talking about Heather, which Shannon doesn't like or understand.

Dinner is mostly uneventful except for a few more Shannon-David barbs. 

Tamra decides to go to lunch with Heather to try and smooth things over. Heather says that friends don't try to change one another and that she's a leopard who won't and can't change her spots. If they don't want to be friends with her anymore because of this, then she's okay with that, but it's definitely coming from a place of hurt. 

It seems like maybe Tamra and Heather were able to work things out. Maybe. This is pretty huge for Tamra.

And that's what you missed on RHOC! You can watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online to get caught up!

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