The Originals Season 1 Episode 18 Recap: Vampire vs. Vampires!

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Well, so much for that treaty. It lasted a solid day or two.

OnĀ The Originals Season 1 Episode 18, the peace that Elijah had arranged between humans, vampires, werewolves and witches went out in a blaze of smoke.

Sorry, correction: it went out in a bloodbath, as Marcel compelled some humans to slit their own wrists at a party in honor of the new witches, the vampires there couldn't control themselves and dead bodies were left in a chaotic wake.

No wonder this installment was titled "The Big Uneasy."

In response to Marcel intervening in the city's calm, Elijah killed Thierry. He tore the guy's heart out of his chest right in front of his best friend.

Bad. Ass.

It was an understandable move from a pissed off Original, someone who also confronted Klaus during the hour about the latter's pact with the werewolves and said he was sick of Klaus' "ridiculous redemption."

From now on, Elijah is doing what he wants, whenever he wants.

But his killing of Thierry bonded the vampires, as we saw Diego agree to unite with his former boss to take on everyone in New Orleans toward the end of the hour.


  • Genevieve was maybe gonna help Kieran, until Klaus insulted her. It looks like the priest's time may soon be up.
  • Klaus also told Cami about this development and about his knowledge that she pounded Marcel.
  • Monique was ready to kill Genevieve in order to gain more power from the ancient witches, only for them to tell herĀ Genevieve can live... as long as she kills Hayley's baby. Gulp.

So we're left with all four factions again at war and with Hayley in serious trouble.

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